POST DATE: 05.10.2021
Simetria Park – Why we have to purchase house near the funicular?

The high standard of living and development has created a global problem -  air pollution, which has made people want to move away from the noise and pollution, as much as it will be possible, to maintain living in a healthy environment and improve a healthy lifestyle. 

Simetria Park stands out with its project, because it is near to the city center, although it is located in an ecologically clean, modern residential place, which is close to the funicular, where it is possible to live in the safe, green environment from the noise and all your wishes will be fully taken into account.  The house near the funicular will fill you with a positive mood and give you the opportunity to unwind. 

The project envisages individual and multi-apartment residential flats. House with well-maintained infrastructure near the funicular is functionally connected to any kind of necessity and requirements. 

House with funicular is a priority decision to combine tranquility, new capabilities, and modern standards.  The project of Simetria Park is built in the vicinity of Mtatsminda Park and is maximally adapted to the needs of each person. It is distinguished by location, cozy and customized living conditions, where there are preferred the highest quality building materials, special interior, and home planning procedures. 

Simetria Park house near the funicular allows you to enjoy all the spaces provided by the entire residential complex.  In the case of the use of the given standards and modern spaces, you must be sure that you will make the right choice for Simetria park. 

Purchase the house near the funicular and the team of professionals according to your decision and desire, will help you plan and prioritize your wishes. You can choose both, an individual house and an apartment.  Both of them include office and children’s spaces.  

There are several benefits of purchasing Simetria Park house. 


  • Quality
  • Modern residential are
  • Apartments in Tbilisi’s recreation area 
  • Avoid extra costs
  • Flat with panoramic views 
  • Long exploitation term
  • Arrangement of the desired comfort zones (gym, spa, landscape, office space, security and etc.  )


Noteworthy is this special location of the house with the funicular, the living conditions and very close location to the Kojori forest, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and in the case of necessity in a few minutes you can reach the center of the capital.  

A new and innovative residential complex near Mtatsminda Park gives you the opportunity to get more comfort and pleasure from your life.