POST DATE: 06.12.2021
Simetria Park in Okrokana – Another healthy living environment to emerge in Tbilisi soon

Simetria Park - Okrokana's new individual residential complex is distinguished by special advantages: coniferous plants, fresh air, bike lane, well-equipped parks, sports centers, safe environment - this is an incomplete list of advantages that will be enjoyed by the residents.


Simetria Park in Okrokana covers 20,000 sq. m. area of land. The individual settlement with premium class services is distinguished by the necessary infrastructure for a quiet and comfortable life. It is especially important that the settlement is located in the center of the city, 8 minutes drive from Freedom Square, and 3 minutes drive from the Botanical Garden and the Mtatsminda Park, and is connected to the Turtle Lake hiking trail and the beautiful Nightingale Floodplain.


Simetria Park includes 39 apartments and 31 individual houses. Every individual house has its own yard and parking place.


Speaking to InterPressNews, Tariel Gabunia, director of the development company, explained that the main goal during planning the area was to maintain and improve the healthy ecological condition.


Simetria wanted to create a space in the city center that would be in constant demand for both housing and investment. According to him, the unique location of the area, infrastructure and perfect service make the house desirable and valuable. The demand for it is growing, especially among foreigners. Closeness to the center of the capital and the healthy ecological environment are the main factors they take into account when buying the real estate. The main advantage of the complex is that the development company takes responsibility for the arrangement of infrastructure. The area will include shopping facilities tailored to the needs of all residents.


“Simetria Park offers residents everything they need for a perfect life: safety, playgrounds, walking paths, spa center, gyms, entertainment centers, space for business meetings and more," - said Tariel Gabunia. He also noted that the Brava company will constantly take care of the regulation of the area and various services, by taking into account the needs of the residents. The company has created a healthy microclimate, which is unprecedented for the development sector of our country. "Initially, the area lacked green space. For this purpose, we created a green zone with coniferous plants, we brought special plants from different countries. The created microclimate made life in the area more desirable and enjoyable," - said the director of Simetria Park.


Construction works are currently underway on the territory of Simetria Park and will be completed in 2022, although sale of apartments and houses has already begun. The company offers interesting conditions to buyers. Anyone interested in buying an apartment or a house in Simetria Park can fill in an application, after which the company representative will contact him/her.