About Project

Simetria Park offers not just a residential neighbourhood but a new standard of life. Its concept is based on the idea of «harmony inside and outside” which means a gated community meeting the modern urban requirements. In this neighbourhood, the symmetry is found in both internal and external space planning and design together with the understanding of the need for human relations and social life. Simetria Park is perfect for those who view development as an integral part of life and seek balance between their work space and private space.


Simetria Park is located only within 8-minute drive from Tbilisi center, in Okrokana, Mtatsminda District. The project offers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and close proximity to the recreational zone. The fresh air and favourable climate of Kojori Forest create the unique environment for healthy life. There are kindergartens (daycare centers), public and private schools near the neighbourhood.


Simetria Park’s architecture first and foremost offers a perfect balance and full compliance with the project concept. The proposed model provides the functional division of the neighbourhood in such a way that residents’ interests and lifestyles do not contradict or interfere with each other.

Year-round vegetation

The dendrological design is based not on the environmental but also practical considerations. Therefore, the design includes hypoallergenic plants and the tree locations providing the greatest possible privacy and relaxation both inside the house and in the yard.

Harmonious space
For your comfort


Comfortable and relaxing space for your guests.


A concierge will take care of your comfort and safety.

Co-working space

The co-working space offers all the conditions required for focusing of business.


The wholesome unique climate of Okrokana contributes to the sustainable living environment. The natural vegetation of the area is enhanced by the central park greenery and individual garden designs forming a very special eco-system in the neighborhood.


In addition to the motorway, Simetria Park has footpaths to Tbilisi Funicular (cable railway), Mtatsminda Park, Botanical Garden and Turtle Lake.

Social space

The social space is designed to enhance residents’ socializing. It is suitable for both business meeting and social events.

24/7 security

Video surveillance

The video surveillance system helps to maintain the high level of security all the time.

Fire protection

The fire protection systems are based on the international recommendations and meet all the relevant safety standards.

Video surveillance

The video surveillance system helps to maintain the high level of security all the time.

24/7 security

The design includes all the details required for the residents’ 24-hour security and protection of their safety and well-being.

Regular maintenance

Cleaning of public spaces.

Public spaces and their maintenance are of particular importance as the concept of Simetria Park is to provide well-balanced living conditions for its community both inside and outside their houses.

Maintenance of elevators

The elevators in both apartment buildings will be maintained regularly to ensure their reliable performance.

Parking system

In addition to a garage, each Individual Houses has a two-vehicle parking lot. The apartment buildings have the underground parking spaces (on -2 floor) for all the apartments. An additional parking area is designed near the entrance building.

Internal traffic System

The optimum combination of footpaths, bike lanes and vehicle lanes allows Simetria Park to provide peace and quiet in the neighborhood. The vehicles do not have to use the same road to enter and exit the neighborhood; there are separate bike lanes and routes; sidewalks are wide and well-suited for prams and strollers. All the buddings in the neighborhood are adapted and accessible for disabled people.

Additional services


A gym promoting a healthy lifestyle among the community members will be located on the 1st floor of Panorama View.

Yoga lounge

As creating the well-balanced and peaceful environment is one of Simetria Park’s primary goals, a yoga lounge will offer the residents an opportunity to practice yoga against the beautiful background of Okrokana Gorge.


Spa treatment is a perfect way to unwind and relay after a busy day. Simetria Park’s residents can treat themselves to relaxing and recreational spa treatment in the spa room.

Children’s room

Simetria Park’s youngest residents can play exciting games and have a good time in the purpose-built and specially equipped children’s room.

Construction quality

Energy efficiency

All the buildings of Simetria Park are energy efficient.

Façade lining

The following three types of façade lining are used for Individual houses: 1. Bricks, 2. Light-colored natural stone; 3. grey natural stone.

Aluminum systems

Private houses will be equipped with the top quality (Reynaers Aluminium) sliding systems providing both sound and thermal insulation.

Heating and cooling systems

Two types of heating and cooling systems are envisaged in the design:

1. Central electric heating and cooling system
2. Central natural gas heating system

Sound insulation

All the buildings in the neighborhood will be built with Bedeg isoblocks providing excellent soundproofing. And comfort in private houses and apartments.


Underground structures are built with B25W8 waterproof concrete protecting the building from the groundwater. In private houses, the basement walls are covered with insulation membrane to damp-proof them.

Open space

The design pays special attention to public spaces.

The central park in the middle of the neighborhood is a place of recreation and relaxation ensuring peace and quiet in the area.

The children are provided with a safe and green playground; a gym and spa promote a healthy lifestyle among the community members.

The social space is designed to enhance residents’ socializing