Individual House

Three-storey detached house with an isolated yard and:
  • A view over the city or the central park
  • Three types of yard planning
  • Three types of facade lining
  • A garage
  • Two-vehicle parking lot
  • A front yard and a courtyard
  • With or without a wine cell/basement
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Two premium-class apartment houses with comfort in every detail
  • Parkview - View of Tbilisi and central park
  • Panorama view - View of Tbilisi and Okrokana valley
  • Minimum area of ​​the apartment - 105 m2
  • Maximum area of ​​the apartment - 260 m2
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Park View

Common-use spaces divided into functional zones that create harmony outside the house
  • Lobby
  • Fitness gym
  • Spa
  • Social space
  • Children's room
  • Playground
  • Central park
  • Cycling trail and footpaths
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