„We do acknowledge that each and every decision we make influences the environment and the future. Therefore, we intend to bring only positive changes to the environment and create symmetric benefit,” says Tariel Gabunia, the General Director.

Simetria Park is one of the projects of the real estate development company SIMETRIA which is a member of the Capitol Group. Capitol group was founded in 2006 and merged several companies. Its key activities include attracting and managing investments. SIMETRIA has been operating on the Georgian real estate market since 2011.

SIMETRIA’s activities cover a wide range of real estate development, including residential housing, hotels, business and shopping centers. The company offers a full cycle of services comprising the creation and implementation of a project concept and presenting it to customers. SIMETRIA’s stable development is based on the effective management of investments and timely implementation of the development projects at high quality.

Completed and current projects:

Residential housing:

  • Total area - 70, 000 m2
  • Total investment - $40.4 Million

Shopping, entertainment and business centers:

  • Total area - 25,000 m2
  • Total investment - $17.4 Million

Hotels (In Tbilisi and Regions):

  • Total area - 20,000 m2
  • Total investment - $26.4 Million