Central Park

Central Park is the main green area in the neighborhood. It should also be highly functional. Therefore, the vegetation should be distributed in the optimum way in the functional zones such as playgrounds and recreational subzones. The concrete wall near the road has an artificial cliff integrated in the wall and it can be used as the climbing wall in the future. A narrow water channel connects the water mirrors integrated in the artificial cliff and located at the park entrance. It runs along the whole park and is integrated in the playground.

The preparation of the landscape architecture design was preceded by the review of the geographic-climatic conditions and vegetation in the adjacent area. The plants were selected based on the results of this review and their seasonal characteristics (decorative branch, leaf growth, different periods of blooming and leaf-fall).

Japanese park

The central entrance of Simetria Park is one of the key points of the general layout, which is visible from the central road. The landscape architecture design is based the landscape of high aesthetic value and the concept of the Japanese garden. The vegetation of the garden consists mostly of shaped plants and install a reflecting water surface to enhance the aesthetic beauty of this place.