POST DATE: 28.01.2021
Simetria Park: Harmony Inside & Out

Among other things, the unprecedented times of Coronavirus have shown us how little work we have put into making our everyday environment comfortable. The quarantine was made more unbearable, perhaps, because our busy, going-out oriented lives had alienated us from our own homes, deepening the divide between the outside and the inside. In their quest to construct a much needed harmonious environment for exhausted Tbilisians, one of Georgia’s leading real estate development companies, Simetria, has created Simetria Park. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, Simetria Park, in the hills above Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, near Mtatsminda Park, Okrokana, combines 39 apartments and 31 individual townhouses. There, you can do everything at home that you would do outside, and vice versa.

“The concept of Simetria Park is based on the idea of ‘harmony inside and outside’, which means a closed residential area adapted to the requirements of modern urbanization. The interior and exterior spaces are symmetrically important here, seen in the project planning, design, and the idea of human relations and socialization,” Simetria Executive Director Tariel Gabunia tells us.

When thinking about a project, he says, the most important part for a company should be choosing the right location. Since the makers of Simetria Park knew from the beginning that the district should not be another summer settlement, but a daily residential area, they set out to pick a part of the city away from the chaotic noise and yet in the heart of its lively beauty.

“We chose a location just eight minutes away from the heart of Tbilisi, close to the largest park in the city and its most prominent recreational area. The residents of Simetria Park will also be provided with additional infrastructure and services that create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for living or relaxing, among them a gym, spa, multifunctional playground, square, a bike path, hiking trails, and common work, recreational or commercial spaces.”



The company says that Simetria Park is, first of all, a way of life. What Tbilisi infrastructure has lacked in the last few decades, according to the company executive, is a human-centered perception: revolving around cars and machines, leaving the habitants of the concrete jungle dreaming about the green views of trees and mountains they used to have, right before the construction of that latest apartment complex. In planning Simetria Park, the real estate development company decided to put human needs and desires at the center of the world again, creating a neighborhood rich in calm, safety, plants, fresh air, socialization, and individualism – in one word: harmony. Roads and pedestrian paths are to be arranged here in such a way that the district is connected with Mtatsminda Park, the Tbilisi Funicular, as well as the Tbilisi Botanical Garden.

Simetria Park meets all the criteria a person needs in a modern residential area for an ideal environment. Taking a mere look at the project, it becomes evident that it is a result of careful consideration of numerous details, tremendous research, and proper analysis of the environment. Every factor has been taken into account, including the planting of anti-allergy greenery to reduce barriers between Man and Nature, making Simetria Park even more therapeutic.

The creators of the project even thought about relocating trees to the yards to provide the coziest environment for the residents. All homes in Simetria Park have large windows so the inhabitants can get the most and best of the outside, inside their homes. As the authors of the project say, all four seasons of the year will bring picturesque views, with the landscaping designed so that the sharp contrasts of autumn and winter will be outlined, meaning Simetria Park habitants will be the fi rst to know the arrival of spring, and summer will be most colorful from their windows. Numerous professionals have worked diligently to create such a harmonious environment, inside and out. The company DMARK took care of the project’s architecture.

“We tried to see the problems of our city, and bring these issues to the attention of architects and, taking into account the experience of cities around the world, we found a way to solve the problems,” the CEO shares with GEORGIA TODAY.

The residents of Simetria Park will be provided with all the necessary infrastructure and services that create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for both living and relaxing in, with 24-hour security, a video surveillance system, a common area cleaning service, and a concierge among the many benefits. What’s more, it will be fully adapted to people of all ages and needs.

“The way to get rid of this ‘big city life’ stress is a house where you have an environment that will allow you to regain energy for the next day and start your new day in a positive way,” Gabunia explains. What most impresses me about this project is that they made it both human and environment-centered using energy-effi cient solutions. “It’s not only economical, but it’s also a valuable factor: we’re taking care of nature and switching to energy sources that are less harmful to the environment,” Gabunia states.

Another advantage of becoming a Simetria Park resident is that the complex is strictly projected, meaning that no surprise buildings or constructing additions will come from your neighbors. According to the company CEO, this is a further escape from Tbilisi’s infrastructure unpredictability. Simetria Park provides not only a harmonious environment, but the guarantee of stability. Around GEL 40 million has been invested in the project. The first phase of construction is almost complete, and the second phase will start soon, with the project set for completion in 2021.




Simetria Park is a project of the real estate development company Simetria, which was established in 2006. The company is a member of the investment group Capitol and combines various business sectors. The group mainly operates in order to attract investments and manage them. In the Georgian real estate market since 2011, Simetria works in the direction of residential complexes, as well as hotels, business, and shopping centers. Their activities involve the management of the project from the idea to its fi nal completion, taking full responsibility for it. In each case, the Symetria team creates a well-thought out business plan, develops an investment project based on research, and then ensures investment and project implementation, making the reputation of the company based on stability, development and meeting expectations. By creating Simetria Park, the company offers an alternative to living in a concrete jungle, allowing city dwellers to escape from stressful urban problems, while never really leaving the city, only transforming its chaos into a dual harmony, inside and outside of the four walls of a home. If we ever have to quarantine again, I know where I would want to be.