POST DATE: 24.11.2021
Pine forest in Okrokana - a new green space in Tbilisi

The preferences that people have for living space are changing according to different trends in the world, including in Georgia. For example, in recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, fresh air, proximity to nature, and less noise have become increasingly important. If in the past close development was considered a common story, now it has become a type of obstacle when buying an apartment in the central part of Tbilisi.


People today already prefer spaces close to the city and at the same time ecologically clean environment. One of them is Okrokana - an 8-minute walk from Freedom Square, which attracts a lot of new residents because of this advantage.


Landscape architect Gvantsa Kheladze says that the ecological condition of Okrokana is truly remarkable and this is confirmed by studies. Consequently, its optimal development is of special importance. Especially now in Okrokana, on an area of ​​20,000 square meters, the development company "Simetria" is building a private settlement "Simetria Park". In this process, the main focus is on greenery, amusement parks and a healthy lifestyle. Gvantsa Kheladze cites as an example a distinctive part of the project - a recently planted pine forest, which further improves the ecological condition of the space, and makes everyday life here much more enjoyable.


"Simetria Park is a very attractive place - fresh, wonderful air from the Kojori forest, and now it is full of plants. Growing, planting, and taking care of the growing trees was not easy, but the challenge was still overcome and pine trees were planted, which reduced the wind and, along with the green masses, created a new microclimate. Central Park and other recreational areas were also planned in a way that life here is equally enjoyable and comfortable during all four seasons. I think the goal has been achieved and after the implementation of the project, a properly developed complex will be added to Tbilisi", - said Gvantsa Kheladze.


This part of Okrokana is being developed and improved by the development company "Simetria Park". The place, which the company has turned into a special residential area through evergreen plants and parks, is a 3-minute walk from the Botanical Garden and Mtatsminda Park, it is also connected to the Turtle Lake hiking trail, where you will also pass the Nightingale Grove (Bulbulebis Chala).


"Demand for green and environmentally friendly housing is growing from year to year. At the same time, buying real estate investment in Tbilisi is still relevant. It is with these trends in mind that we have created a place where, along with safety and tranquility, the focus is on greenery and ecology. We developed a completely plant-free area by planting evergreen massifs and parks that blend organically with the living area. I think this is the way Tbilisi should continue to develop", - added Tariel Gabunia, director of Simetria.


The pine or other green spaces planted in Okrokana will be supervised by the company "Brava" with great experience, which primarily aims to protect and improve the microclimate on the ground.