POST DATE: 19.01.2022
"Experience of harmonious living with nature around the world - what a gift is " Simetria Park "preparing for its inhabitants"

Lately you probably think like me that health is the most important thing in the life. The pandemic made me think about the human relationships, lifestyles and the environment. It all comes together around one word - healthy ... healthy environment, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. Many of us have a better understanding of how necessary it is to take care of the environment, we are constantly learning how to care of the environment and each other. We now appreciate it more and try to maintain harmony at home and abroad. Fresh air, closeness to nature and less noise - today people prefer spaces close to the city and at the same time ecologically clean environment. Such a space, Okrokana was chosen by the real estate development company "Simetria" to build a private settlement "Simetria Park", the unique location of which is due to the proximity to the heart of the city and nature. This is a residential complex where every detail is thought out.


The company offers a pre-preparation period before traveling to this harmony, which includes traveling to the specific locations around the world. Buy a house in "Simetria Park" and get a trip as a gift. "Get ready to live in simetria the park" - this is an unique offer that gives you the chance to prepare for living in a new space and travel to countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland and others. This trip will allow you to experience the emotions of "Simetria Park" before moving into your home, as well as draw a parallel between these countries and your future home. If the main charm of the park is the unique climate and fresh air, the Swiss mountain resort of Zermatt, which is located near the lake, boasts the same characteristics. Architectural planning, symmetrical distribution of neighborhood and indoor recreational spaces is the business card of the park and reminds you of the rhythm of Dutch cities. I would like to draw the other parallels for you.


If you have made the choice to live close to the city center and at the same time in an ecologically clean environment, which means being away from the noise of the city and close to recreation, then "Simetria Park" will be fulfilling of  your dream. "Simetria Park" is a 3-minute walk from the Botanical Garden and Mtatsminda Park, also it is connected to the Turtle Lake hiking trail, where you will pass the Nightingale Swamp. This is a unique location, Flat near Okrokana.


Even with a healthy environment, of course, healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle are essential. The well-thought environment of "Simetria Park" combines spaces that are tailored to the needs of residents. Central park, playground, gym, spa, meeting spaces ... Healthy spaces will help you to realize any of your hobbies, which can be: jogging, yoga, cycling, hiking or having fun with friends. It will also make it easier to maintain and improve human relationships.


If you used to start training every Monday, maybe this Monday has come, because you can not go indifferently to the training spaces of "Simetria Park" with modern infrastructure and services. Workout lovers in the open space will be delighted with anti-allergic plants. The selection of such plants was taken care of by the team of landscape designers of "Simetria Park".


You will agree that this is not just another residential area - it is a new standard of living. "Simetria" wanted to create a space that would be constantly in demand for both, housing and investment. The unique location of the area, infrastructure and perfect service make the house desirable and valuable.


Construction work on the territory of "Simetria Park" is being carried ou actively and will be completed in 2022.  Although sales of apartments and houses have already begun. You can now take advantage of the "Get ready to live in simetria park" campaign, meet the new year with a new home and dare to have new, interesting, pleasant sensations, that this offer gives you - discover the simetria park in your dream country.