POST DATE: 22.02.2021
We do our best to create the area needed for the personal ideas and development to people – Real Estate Development Company Simetria

The concept of modern residential suburb is different today from that it was 10-15 years ago. There is a great choice of acquiring an apartment or a house in the center, suburb or near the city, with all needed infrastructure or facility, and you do not even need to leave the complex for purchasing products, walking in the open air, relaxation or recreation. I’d like to tell you about one of such companies Simetria, which, according to its representatives, offers new living standards. CEO of the Company, Mr. Tariel Gabunia talked about the philosophy of the Brand and what Simetria strictly projected offers to its consumers.

Real Estate Development Company Simetria is the member of Capitol Group. Capital Group was established in 2006 and united several companies by attracting Kazakh investments. Its main activity is attraction and management of investments. Simetria operates on the real estate market of Georgia since 2011. Currently, activities of the Company are comprised of the wide range of real estate development directions, including residential complexes, hotels, business and trading centers. The Company offers full range of services foreseeing creation of the design concept, its implementation and offering to the consumers. Sustainable development of Simetria is based on the effective management of investments and implementation of development projects within the timescale agreed and in high quality.


One of your projects is Simetria Park. Could you tell us about it…


Tariel Gabunia: The concept of Simetria Park is based on the concept - Harmony Inside & Out. Our main task was to see the desires and aspirations of modern human correctly; to understand how we are connected with the environment, what shall be shared, what helps us in understanding ourselves. By responding to these questions, we have created new residential complex, creating the space for development, relationship, and harmony with life for people. 

When working on this project, we considered all details: what will the suburb be like in different seasons, what will be view from the windows for each of our residents, how to be the part of the city and refuse urban stress. Diversified greening of the new suburb, special air of Kojori forest and balanced climate create unique environment for healthy life.


What does the concept Harmony Inside & Out mean?


Simetria Park is not simple common residential area. It is the new standard of living. As I have noted, its concept Harmony Inside & Out is based on the idea, which foresees the closed residential district, adopted to the requirements of modern urbanization. Both, internal and external spaces are symmetrically important here: as planning and design of the project, human relationship and the idea of socialization.

Segment of Simetria Park is comprised of the employees, working in stressed environment, to whom it is important to relax at home. To our mind, home is not just four walls; it is the environment met when leaving it.

In view of the referred idea, long-term thinking and analysis, along with the group of the architects, we tried to create the project adopted to our consumers in maximum extent.

Being in the city and, in the same time, away from the urban noises, ecologically clean environment, low development, common spaces – gym, co-working space, spa, playground, reception, central park and, the most important – the idea of socialization, which is less possible when living in the dwelling houses – all these details create the harmony in Simetria Park.



So, all these are considered in the concept of Harmony Inside & Out?


Yes, it is – residents of Simetria Park live in the house, have a rest and at the same time, be in the social circle, to be created by the residents of the complex. All these gained special importance during the pandemic period, when – people are to stay home for long period of time.

Simetria Park is the district with the orderly streets and yards, diversified greening, central park, anti-allergic greenery and different spaces: 24-hour security, concierge, video surveillance system, cleaning of common spaces. Of course, all these are created for creation of additional comfort and calmness of the residents.


What stage is the Project now at?


Project construction is comprised of the several stages. The first stage, comprising of construction of 21 individual house, is completed and now we are on the second stage, which foresees facing of the existing houses and construction of the Park View apartments. Construction of the Panorama View apartments and remaining 10 individual houses will be completed during the third stage.

It shall be noted that the project development phases are planned in the way allowing consumers move to the purchased house upon completion of each stage without discomfort caused by the construction.

Entire project – 31 individual houses, two multi-apartment residences – Park View and Panorama View, external infrastructure, with common spaces and parks, will be completed in the third quarter of 2022.


There will be 31 individual houses/townhouse and 39 apartments in Simetria Park. What do you offer to the residents of the houses and apartments. What will make them stand out?


Healthy environment, low number of buildings, sophisticated architecture, four-season greening, modern infrastructure and all services required for harmonic living of people – all these will meet our residents in Simetria Park.

Currently we have special, winter offer – each purchaser of an individual house in Simetria Park will receive complete repair with the design created exclusively for him/her, using high quality materials.



What can you say about other projects of the Company?


Multi-year experience and permanently renewable knowledge allows us to establish different, our own niche on the market and provide consumers with the original and interesting offers. Simetria enjoys the reputation of reliable partner, based on the stability, development and meeting expectations. Investment of 221 million Laris, 10 ongoing and completed objects and more than 500 employees – these are the figures of Simetria gained by the work performed by the Company since 2011.

One of our important projects is regional network of hotels – 12 Hotels in 12 Regions. Best Western Kutaisi is part of this project, opened in 2017 and being the first brand-hotel in Kutaisi. Ongoing projects include Holiday Inn Express in Old Tbilisi. There will be 122 rooms in the international brand-hotel and the hotel will start operation from 2021. Total investment of the project is 12 million US Dollars and it will be managed by the International Company Hotel Collection International.

Another regional hotel of the Company will be opened in Bakuriani. Four Points by Sheraton hotel will feature 116 rooms and its completion is scheduled for the year 2022. Total investment of the project is 10 million US dollars and it will also be managed by the International Company Hotel Collection International.

One of the most ambitious projects of Simetria is the development of Shovi resort in Racha. Our goal is not only building of a hotel in Shovi. Our goal is to turn Shovi into the exceptional resort zone in Georgia. For this reason, we have developed general plan of its development, making precondition to turning Shovi into the high-class wellness resort of European level. By involvement of German advisors, balneology potential of Shovi is being studied. The Company has already spent more than 1 million Laris at the stage of studies. Racha is one of the most low-income regions in Georgia and the Project will contribute to the social and economic development of the region. Investment Project foresees attraction of direct foreign investments of 60 million US Dollars in total.


In terms of all projects, what is the main goal of Simetria?


Parallel to the residential complexes, the Company Simetria works in direction of the hotels and business-centers as well. For each project, Simetria Team creates well-considered business-plan, develops investment project based on the surveys and further attracts investments and develops the project.

Simetria is the development company with values. We do our best to improve living standards of people, create the areas required for development of their own ideas, projects and for personal development through our projects, being residential suburbs, resort zones, hotels or business centers.