POST DATE: 29.09.2021
Simetria Park - Best Villas in Tbilisi

In the modern era, the necessity of purchasing an individual house is becoming more and more actual, which is caused by the desire of moving to a healthy and clean environment and being away from the noise and chaos of the city, which makes life more comfortable for everyone. During the process of building an individual house, the location must be chosen according to the outline of the private house you want. The project of  Simetria Park has considered the construction of an individual house in Mtatsminda, where modern trends and healthy environment are combined.


Villas in Tbilisi


Where is it possible to purchase an individual house in Tbilisi?


Very close to the center of the capital, in Mtatsminda, it is possible to buy the best villa in TBILISI.  Simetria Park project envisages villas in TBILISI, which are adjusted to the standards of comfort and tranquility. The whole project includes as well as planning part, also 24-hour video monitoring system of the security and parking. Very close to the city center, near the Kojori forest, you can buy a villa in TBILISI, which will connect you to any part of the capital without any problems, you will be able to drive freely to work and enjoy with cozy living conditions.  

To get rid of everyday life routine, you can buy a villa in TBILISI, in Mtatsminda, which will guarantee comfort and harmonious coexistence in the safe environment. Simetria Park project allows you to live away from the noise life with your family and in any necessary moments connects you to the important places of the city.



Villas in TBILISI are special opportunities to purchase high standard living houses and satisfy your individual needs. Your decision to buy a villa in Mtatsminda, has the following advantages:

  • Planning
  • Proximity to the capital
  • Ecologically clean environment
  • Parking space with modern standards
  • Security System


Simetria Park villa in TBILISI will define your lifestyle, it will clearly emphasize the possibilities and image of your life. The whole concept of the project was created to reflect the wishes and character of individual people and in addition despite the fact that the villa on the territory of TBILISI with quiet and modern communications will be owned by you, you will always present your different point of view and taste.


What must be paid attention during the planning of a villa?

When it comes time of planning and building an individual house, villa, there are number of issues, which must be considered:

  • How many floors should count your wanted villa;
  • Redistribution of rooms’ area and their number;
  • Yard area and interior;
  • Safe spaces for the children around the perimeter;
  • Security system;
  • Indoor parking;


It is advisable to consider the main issues to avoid unexpected problems. Simetria park, whose villas in TBILISI, are distinguished by high quality and construction materials and and realability, will help you to plan the given stages and key issues.  Simetria park villas in TBILISI are tailored to any kind of desire.


Purchasing of a villa is a very responsible and important decision, your owned dwelling should meet your wishes and the style of living should be expressed itself, and Simetria Park will give you that opportunity: to bring together the desires, needs and tastes. Buy villa in TBILISI, which will guarantee your peace and cozy space. The comfort, which you will feel with owning this villa, is greater than any material value.