POST DATE: 15.01.2021
Advantages of living in Simetria Park - Why to have home far from the city noise?

During recent years more and more people refuge from busy urban life and move to the calm places to live. This trend can be found in many parts of the world, including Georgia. 

However, making changes is not easy, before taking decision, get acquainted with the 6 reasons of having home far from the city noise:



The first, any person reminds when thinking of being far from the busy urban life is calmness. You will be able to relax and get closer to the nature on place, where neither car sounds bother you, nor living noises are heard. Modern residential standards are ideally conformed to the harmony of nature in Simetria Park.



Fresh air

It is not only disturbance of peace by cars. Everybody knows that air is polluted in the cities of 21st century. 

Unique location of Simetria Park offers living in quiet and environmentally friendly location, in 8-minute drive from the city center. Special air of Kojori forest and balanced climate create ideal conditions for healthy life. Location of Simetria Park is special for being connected to Mtatsminda Park, Botanical Garden and Turtle Lake with hiking trails and roads.


More space

Living far from the city center foresees more space as well. Along with the residential area of 333 square meters in townhouses of Simetria Park, you will have 90 m2 of courtyard, 65 m2 of front yard and 21.1 m2 of garage.



Ideal for family

Living in Simetria Park may be especially pleasant for a family. Parents are given better opportunity for taking care of their children’s health in Simetria Park. Apart from the fresh air and no problems with the pollution, large yards and open spaces create ideal conditions for children to have fun. In the Kids’ Room, specially created for the little residents of Simetria Park, little ones will be able to have fun and play interesting games.

Perfect location is convenient for elder residents of the Project. Simetria Park is in several minute drive from Freedom Square, making your everyday driving to your job easier.


Healthy life

The Project offers everything for healthy lifestyle. 

  • Gym – Gym will be arranged on the ground floor of Panorama View for the residents of Simetria Park.
  • Yoga Hall – one of the main objectives of Simetria Park is creation of harmonic environment. For this purpose, yoga hall will be arranged in the residential district, where the residents will be able to do yoga exercises in quiet environment, overlooking Oqrokana gorge.
  • SPA – Spa procedures are ideal stress relief after tiresome day. Residents of Simetria Park will be able to undergo relaxation procedures and recover energy in the Spa room.



Security is mandatory precondition for happiness of any family. Therefore, when selecting residence, protection of the complex is of significant importance.

  • Video surveillance system – the webcam monitoring system, permanently maintaining security standards
  • Fire systems – all international recommendations are foreseen in the Project and fire systems are in good order, in line with all security standards
  • Access to the area – only the residents and their guests are given access to the Project territory
  • 24-hour security – while designing, we have considered all the details providing 24-hour security of the residents