POST DATE: 02.04.2021
The best apartments in the suburbs of Tbilisi – Simetria Park

Lately, it has been a priority for people to avoid the city center, noisy environment, and polluted air. It is important for them to settle in the suburbs of the city.

Simetia Park’s apartments near the center of Tbilisi are sophisticated, modern, and cater to people of all ages and tastes. In this complex, you will find a four-story house with 21 apartments, from which there is a panoramic view of the city. The location of the apartments - just 8 minutes drive from the city center - deserves a special mention. Here you will find concierge service and 24-hour security.


1) Central Park

The problem of landscaping in the city center is very urgent, especially given the high level of car emissions. This problem has been eliminated in the "Simetria Park" project. Anti-allergic plants are also grown here. You will also find a variety of landscaping throughout the four seasons, which is very important for human health. The ecological and recreational load of the park is quite large. It should also be noted that the balanced and fresh air of the Kojori forest creates proximity to nature along with greenery.

2) Playground

For harmonious coexistence in such a residential complex is necessary to take into account the interests of children. That is why here your little ones will find a playground where they will be able to spend their free time with quality and joy. Healthy activities and socialization are especially important for them. A playground, as well as a kid's room, will help your little ones to have fun and make new friends.

3) Fitness Gym

Modern apartments in Tbilisi should ensure the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for residents, especially nowadays, when we pay even more attention to our health. That is why Simetria Park offers a gym and fitness center that will be equipped with modern exercise machines and will definitely become your favorite place. In addition, it is necessary to take even more steps to maintain mental health and spiritual peace - this is provided by the spa room, which is accessible to any resident. Residents of the apartment will find a well-equipped spa to help you unwind after a tiring day and week

Simetria Park Complex is designed for people of all tastes, and since it may not be fun for some people to work out in the gym, there is an alternative - hiking trails that allow you to plan family bike rides and spend free time together and, most importantly healthy.

4) Yoga

Recently, Indian culture, in particular yoga, has become increasingly popular in the world. Yoga helps people in self-realization, spiritual and physical strength. In the modern and chaotic world, it is very important to devote time to spiritual encouragement. Take care of your health together. You will be able to unwind spiritually in the Yoga Hall of Simetria Park against the backdrop of the beautiful view of Okrokana and after returning from work, you will be able to get rid of the stressful and tiring days right here.

5) Common meeting space

According to that, the "Simetria Park" project is not just about architecture and greenery, but about the environment as a whole, it is very important to have common spaces. Here you will find spaces that will help to establish communication and deepen relationships between the residents of the apartments.


6) Two-level parking

One of the main problems while living in the city center is parking, which often takes up our precious time. There is a two-story car park in Okrokana residential complex for your comfort, in order to make your life easier.

"Simetria Park" complex creates a calm and healthy environment, which will be facilitated by the proximity of the Kojori forest, as well as spaces, designed for a healthy lifestyle, a well-regulated transport system and much more.